red_velv_singleRed Velvet Cakeball

Often described as “to die for”….our Red Velvet cake ball is wonderful combination of smooth red velvet cake combined with our rich signature frosting dipped in your choice of white, dark, or milk chocolate.

Double choc_singleDouble Chocolate Cakeball

If you love chocolate, it will be extremely difficult for you to resist our most popular flavor. Bite into this chocolate explosion and you will see why everyone goes crazy for this one. Decadent Chocolate Cake combined with our rich Chocolate signature frosting dipped in milk chocolate.

Cinnamon_Van_singleCinamon Vanilla

At Dolci Bella we love cinnamon. Thats why we created this simple, but over the top delicious cake ball. Cinnamon Vanilla cake combined with our amazing signature frosting dipped in White chocolate. Each ball is then dusted with Cinnamon. A fall favorite!

Choc PeanutButter_singleChocolate Peanut Butter Cakeball

Chocolate and Peanut butter go hand in hand…and then to mouth! These outrageous bites of love combine our rich Chocolate Cake, Peanut butter chips, and our signature Chocolate frosting dipped in milk chocolate.

lemoncello_singleLemoncello Cakeball

Going back to our Italian roots, we combined our mouth watering lemon cake with our tantalizing Lemon frosting dipped in white chocolate, finished with a zesty lemon drizzle. Thats Amore!

Choc Van_singleChocolate Vanilla Cakeball

Vanilla is one of those flavors that everyone loves… especially the kids. No frills on this one, just bold vanilla taste, you will think you are eating the vanilla bean itself! Delicious Vanilla cake with our Vanilla Cream frosting dipped in milk chocolate. Simply Delectable

NY cheesecake_singleNY Cheesecake Cakeball

Cheesecake is a classic and so is this cakeball. We start with our signature NY Cheesecake with graham cracker crust, dip in rich milk chocolate, and then top with graham cracker. Mmmmm!

cherry_alm_singleChocolate Cherry Almond

Inspired by Black Forest Chocolate Cake, this sophisticated flavor combination is rich flavor! Maraschino cherries, sliced almonds, and chocolate cake combined with our chocolate cream frosting dipped in Dark Chocolate.

banana_singleBanana Cakeball

Imagine the most delicious piece of Banana Cake topped with our Signature Cream Cheese frosting, now combine the 2 together and dip in milk chocolate! Need we say more?

coconut_singleCoconut Cakeball

We created this one for all of you Coconut lovers. Our Vanilla Coconut cake combined with our Coconut Infused cream frosting. Topped with toasted coconut flakes. You cant help but be taken away to a tropical paradise when you eat this one!

pb-ban-singleBanana Peanut Butter Cakeball

This Cake Ball was inspired by “The King” himself. Banana cake stuffed with a peanut butter center and dipped in milk chocolate. It’s a hunk of burning love!

cannoli_singleCannoli Cakeball

We have yet to meet someone who doesn’t like a fresh Cannoli! Our Cannoli Cake Ball is no different. We start with white cake, stuff it with a Cannoli cream center, dip in milk chocolate, and top with Cannoli shell pieces and powdered sugar. Amazing is an understatement!